İdil Tabanca


Defne Casaretto

Museum Director

  • Collection and Exhibitions

    Zeynep Birced

    Exhibitions Director

    Yağmur Elif Ertekin

    Production Director

    Belda Namdar


  • Corporate Communications

    Bengü Kırkız Ergüven

    Communications Director

    Aylin Işıklar

    Communications Specialist

    Amir Jamshidi

    Creative Project Manager

    Pelin Cengiz

    Visual Communication Specialist

  • Education Programs

    Ayşe Yaman

    Education Programs Manager

    Kaan İpekçi

    Education Programs Specialist

    Serra Çoruh Seyrekel

    Education Programs Specialist

  • Editorial

    Rânâ Mengü


    Eda Güneş

    Social Media Specialist

  • OMM Shop

    Bengül Eren

    Museum Shop Director

    Semih Uluboyar

    E-commerce Manager

    Gizem Hisarkaya

    Sales Specialist

    Nisanur Gümüş

    Sales Specialist

    Büşra Esan

    Sales Specialist

    Melih Tekin

    Warehouse Officer

  • Administration and Operations

    Murat Buzluca

    Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Manager

    Sezgin Geridönmez

    Accounting Manager

    Mehmet Aktaş

    Accounting Specialist

    Kenan Uzunkaya

    Technical Manager

    Uğurcan Yumlu

    Technical Specialist

  • Visitor Relations

    Göksu Janset Kertlez

    Visitor Relations Specialist

    Merve Atalay

    Visitor Relations Specialist

    Seda Er

    Ticket Officer

    İbrahim Uğur Ülüğ

    Ticket Officer

  • OMM Cafe

    Ayşe Sürücü


    Kadir Çelikten


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