With each passing day, the environmental conditions affecting us and our planet grow to be more challenging. We are witness to climate change, the extinction of seasons, an impending water and food crisis – this is not just happening in science reports, but at our doorstep.

During the pandemic, spaces for life and art shrunk in irretrievable ecosystems. While sustainability has been our focus since day one, we started making tangible efforts towards it in the aftermath of this experience. The existential concerns we shared with our visitors through the "At the End of the Day" exhibition and Marshmallow Laser Feast installations turned into tangible goals that we will keep resetting as we make progress.

By embracing our responsibility to the planet as the cornerstone of our future policy, we have taken our first sustainable steps through our education programs, an honest reconsideration of the way we use resources, actions toward waste reduction, conscious purchasing and eating habits.

Education programs

On our sustainability journey, the first thing we noticed was how awareness begins with a kernel of information. All of OMM’s online workshops for children and young adults focus on environmental awareness and human responsibility within the climate emergency we are living in. In addition, OMM’s education department promotes the use of waste materials and upcycling in its workshops.

Waste reduction

By the end of 2020, the weight of manmade objects on Earth was thought to have exceeded the combined weight of all animals and plants for the first time. Plastic plays a big part in this.

Since our opening, plastic bottles and bags were never used at OMM or at OMM Shop. From August 2020 onward, we have been encouraging the museum team to refill their water bottles at dispensers. Also, water dispensers at OMM Cafe and OMM INN Cafe are also available to our guests.

Conscious purchasing

The packaging options at OMM Shop consist of recyclable or upcycled materials only.

As of 2021, textile products at the museum store are produced from materials that do not release microplastics.

Sustainable eating habits

In order to leave a better world for future generations, as of June 2021, we removed all animal products from our kitchens at OMM Cafe and OMM INN. Instead, we put in alternatives that carry the healing power of plants, which we believe you will enjoy.

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