In Conversation: Meral Saatçi

Exploring life's unexpected twists, creative sparks, and the world of jewelry design with the jewelry designer, Meral Saatçi.

We met with Meral Saatçi at her delightful workshop in Suadiye, whose eye-catching jewelry pieces have found a special place among OMM Shop's favorites. During our conversation, we delved into her personal journey, sources of inspiration, and the design passion that flows through every corner of her life.

We read that you studied philology in Ankara, and it was the first time that your journey into jewelry design began at an event where one of your handmade jewelry pieces garnered admiration. Can you share with us the entire process, from before and after, of how your path intersected with Beymen Club?

I was born and raised in Kuşadası and now call Istanbul home. The spirit of the Aegean runs through my veins. I love my life—everything it offers, everyone I share it with, and the work I do. These are all reasons for gratitude. I know that no matter how hard we try to shape things, life maintains its unique, independent rhythm. All we need to do is be aware of it and have faith in the flow.

While I thought I'd be on a completely different path, it all began when I attended an event wearing a piece of jewelry I had crafted myself. I couldn't find a suitable accessory for my outfit, so I decided to create it myself using entirely natural materials. My now-dear friend Türe Özer, who had recently left her position at Beymen, loved my jewelry and insisted that I should meet with Beymen. She even arranged an appointment for me. I went to the meeting with a few pieces. They appreciated my craftsmanship but told me that the jewelry should complement rather than overshadow the clothing according to their style. Therefore, they suggest I have a look at the Beymen Club. I thought they politely rejected me. A week later, their call turned out to be a fantastic surprise and a source of happiness.

I prepared a small capsule collection, and that was very well received. So I went into production, and the first products sold out quickly, necessitating additional production runs. This marked the beginning of a journey that completely changed my life, far beyond my wildest dreams.

We can see that you imbue your surroundings, possessions, and clothing with your own unique touch in your studio. Can we say that design is a part of every aspect of your life and every moment? What do you consider to be the origins and triggers of this creative impulse?

You've made such an accurate observation. I can sum it up with a simple statement: 'This is my way of life.' In its purest form. My studio and my home complement one another, both providing comfort and a living space for me. When I'm here, I breathe. I prefer a minimalist approach and peaceful color schemes.

For me, every item and product I own should bear the mark of craftsmanship and possess a soul; aesthetic value is highly precious to me. I mostly design and have my clothes tailored by myself. Fashion, for me, is not the path but merely a guide. I have a distinct style that completes me and makes me feel like myself, and I stick to those preferences.

When we look at your products in the OMM Shop, we see modern, elegant, and minimalist designs. What elements show your creativity in these designs? What qualities must a product possess for you to say, 'This is truly my work'?

I can describe my designs as simple, clear, and timeless. Themes like collages, orbits, circular forms, and every detail related to women and nature are my source of inspiration and my starting point. My creations represent the most concrete manifestations of my life experiences, the knowledge I have accumulated, and the dreams I have dared to imagine. It is important for me to express myself in the best way, to feel free, and to be excited about creating new pieces. The most thrilling feeling for me is when a story that begins with me finds its completion in the person who owns the product.

Let's talk a bit about your identity as a jewelry artist, your showcased designs, and the social responsibility projects you're involved in.

A better world and a brighter future are not just global aspirations but also personal and societal responsibilities for all of us. Under the leadership of Ay Marka Group, I designed and produced pomegranate bracelets for the 'Nar Taneleri' project and the 'Empowered Women, Happy Tomorrows' project, aimed at young girls in foster homes. I was deeply moved by the awareness walks organized by the Down Syndrome Association with the slogan 'Real Friends Don't Count Chromosomes.' To support the 'Welcome Baby' project, I initiated a campaign by designing butterfly bracelets. This project holds a special place in my heart. I also provided support for campaigns like ‘A Hand to Save Lives' for the Koruncuk Foundation, 'A Spell' initiated by 24 volunteers for KAÇUV, and 'In the Name of Youth's Power' for the Community Volunteers Foundation. I designed and produced 'United We Are Stronger' bracelets for the 'WMC Turkey Women with Movie Cameras' to promote their equality in production.

Fascinated by the enigmatic symbols at the heart of the renowned 'Göbeklitepe' exhibition hosted by the Istanbul 1881 art platform, I crafted a modern Göbeklitepe jewelry collection.

My various projects and support efforts will continue in every phase of my life. I aim to touch the lives of as many people as I can, in whatever way I can!

What can you share about your future projects? What are your expectations, plans, and dreams for the future?

I don't typically make elaborate plans for the future, especially not on a long-term scale. Everything seems to happen so organically, presenting itself as it comes. My dream is to always feel the excitement of the future, fueled by the accumulation of the past and the awareness of the present, and to continue crafting.

As I design and produce, I observe my growth, changes, and personal development. I witness how my priorities shift over time. In every piece I create, I observe the flow of life, the way they complement each other, and how they become timeless on a single line. I dream of being able to travel more. Each of us may be fighting for different things, but there are so many things that unite us! Love is the only thing we need to achieve anything together.

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