Third Place

Residency Exhibit #1

Residency Exhibit #1 titled “Third Place”brings together Tyler Thacker (b. 1984, U.S.) and Erin Wolf Mommsen’s (b. 1996, Dominican Republic) works in the Interactive Space situated on the ground floor of the museum, encompassing the theme biomimicry. The group exhibit will showcase the resident artists' take on the subject which they have constructed throughout their three-month stay in Eskişehir.

Produced alongside each other, the paintings and installations manifest the position of the artists in a previously unknown habitat. The exhibit proposes a dialectic between space and non-space, assignment and experimentation, and more prominently, the dichotomy between the artists sharing a common theme and the same previously unfamiliar environment.

The liminal space between Thacker and Mommsen’s works pertains to the mutual experience of adaptation through exploration of individual and common practices. While Thacker approaches his subject through the elemental forces of nature such as water and fire—simultaneously bearing destructive and regenerative energies—Mommsen’s take develops a more intrinsic and sentimental scope; a ritualistic nest-making practice directly associated with(in the) space. The artworks, exhibited for the first time, convey recent methods surfaced in the artists’ practices.

Open from January 4 through February 1, 2020.

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